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Projects I've Done

Below are some videos of projects which I have done. Some I did for school and the others I've done based on my own curiosity. Electronic gadgets fascinate me. I remember when I was about 10, 11 years old and I wanted to be the first to invent a self driving car. It was only a couple years later to my disappointment when I found out google had already stolen my idea.

Solar Tracking System

This project is an intelligent solar tracking system. It helps to improve the efficiency of fixed solar panels. It was the topic which I proposed for my final year design project. How it works is it uses LDR sensors to track the position of the sun. As the sun moves through the day the motor makes the system rotate and positions the solar panels in the most optimum position to receive as much solar as possible. This make it more efficient than the fixed solar systems.

Smart Water Meter

This project was made with the thought that people need a tool to be able to manage their water consumption in an easy way. So basically what it does is measure the flow of water through the sensor. It then calculates the total water that has flowed and adds it to the total. This data is stored in memory and then sent to a server where a user can view their consumption patterns online. With this knowledge they can thus adjust their habits accordingly to reduce their water bill.

Ford Thunderbird Tail Lights

This project copies the operation of the famous Ford Thunderbird Tail Lights. The project shows the operations of the tail lights. Example the brakes or the brakes at night time. When a car driver has their normal lights on at night and they want to turn left the normal lights must not go off but rather just dim and show the left indicator sequence.

Temperature Measuring Circuit

In this project I did everything using the first principles. So there is no coding. I made use of counters to count up to a certain voltage depending on the temperature sensor. When the voltage of the sensor is the same as the count voltage then this value is the temperature and it is displayed using two seven segment displays. You can use this circuit to determine the ambient temperature.

Digit Circuit

I wanted to use push buttons to enter a number. I build this circuit using two push buttons. One counts up and the other resets the count back to zero. It can count up to 99 then it'll cascade back to zero. It can be used to enter a bounds digitally.

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